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What We Do

We are an innovative, purpose-driven Saudi Arabian retail pharmacy and healthcare company which exists to add beats to the lives of its Guests, every day.

The Company has a history spanning more than +37 years of transforming the delivery of health and wellbeing products and services to millions of Guests.



To be the most loved and trusted health and wellbeing partner for all our Guests.



To exceed all Guest’s expectations by providing superior personalised life care experiences every day, everywhere.



To adhere to the highest standards of integrity, leading with purpose, care, excellence, collaboration

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For over +37 years, Nahdi has solidified its position as a leading healthcare brand in Saudi Arabia with its purpose of “adding beats to the lives of its Guest every day.” We are proud of our strong and trusted partnership with millions of loyal Guest served through more than 1,100 Pharmacies and 6 Polyclinics with a fast-growing primary healthcare services business, underpinned by state-of-the-art digital platforms.

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Today, Nahdi is the leading pharmaceutical retailer, serving 97% of the population of the Kingdom across +140 cities and villages in the pharmaceutical and health products sector, such as medicine, wellness, mom & baby, beauty and other wide-ranging FMCG products.

Additionally, the Company provides omni-health services through its polyclinics, telemedicine, labs, and home healthcare.

The Company’s culture of identifying opportunities, analyzing market trends, and building on evolving Guest behavior has enabled it to better plan for the future to meet challenges, develop innovative solutions to serve its Guests, and invest in the Company’s infrastructure, all while streamlining operations.

This includes identifying opportunities to develop product and service offerings such as our Private Label and Direct Imports products that suit its Guests and exceeds their expectations while establishing a fast-growing brand worth up to one billion Saudi Riyals.

Moreover, we aim to remain at the forefront of, providing a unique and interactive shopping experience through the latest virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies, and robotic pharmacies, all of which became part of the Company’s unique culture

We enhanced our supply chain and distribution capabilities using the best artificial intelligence and automated systems to support our logistics operations, expansion and future growth.

Nahdi has become an integral part of the communities it operates in. The Company aims to add 36 million beats to Guests’ lives through its ongoing sustainable programs that promote health, wellness and mom & baby care.

Unique Value Propositions

Saudi Arabia’s largest retail pharmacy and a growing healthcare platform


For over +37 years, the Company has solidified its position as a leading healthcare brand in Saudi Arabia with its purpose of “adding beats to the lives of its Guests every day.”

The following competitive strengths contribute to the success of Nahdi and set it apart:

  • Highly qualified staff

    Highly qualified staff

    led by strong board and management supported by substantial shareholders
    • The company believes that its employees are its greatest assets and therefore devotes its attention to fostering a unique culture underpinned by its values.
    • Nahdi is overseen by a highly qualified executive leadership team with more than 200 years of cumulative deep experience in the sector, guided by an independent Board with multinational corporation experience. Our passion for People helps us create a healthy and attractive work environment.
    • This ranks us consistently among the Top 20 List of “Great Places to Work” (GPTW) in Saudi, GCC and Asia since 2014.
    • In 2023 and 2022 Nahdi was ranked second “Great Place to Work” in Saudi Arabia among the best companies throughout Saudi, GCC and Asia for the 6th consecutive time.
    • Fully committed to support employee career journeys to ensure operational excellence and growth to serve Guests.
    • Nahdi Academy is widely recognized to produce high caliber employees by universities and other employers.
    • Nahdi has 24 partnerships with universities across the Kingdom.
    • Nahdi has trained more than 1,500 university students, by qualifying and empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed in the job market as future pharmacists.
    • Continuous learning is at the heart of Nahdi, more than 500,000 hours of training were conducted in 2023.
  • market leading pharmacy

    Market leading pharmacy

    with strong brand and growing Private Label & Direct Import products that adds beats to communities

    A market leading retail pharmacy chain in KSA enhancing the health & wellness experience for millions of Guests.

    • Well-established Saudi brand that started and grew with its purpose of “adding beats to the lives of its Guests every day”.
    • Over the last four decades, Nahdi has developed unparalleled coverage across Saudi Arabia with more than 1,100 pharmacies.
    • It provides 97% of the Saudi Arabian population with access to health and wellbeing products & services.
    • The company represents 31% of the market share value in the private retail pharmaceutical sector.
    • Nahdi has continued its geographical expansion in the GCC market with 15 pharmacies in UAE and more in the pipeline.
    • Nahdi launches its innovative (ez-pill) service, part of its medical adherence program.
    • Nahdi Global provides Guests with access to a significantly wider array of competitively priced products, sourced from trusted manufacturers all over the world, and delivered quickly and conveniently to the Guest doorsteps at the highest quality.
    • Nahdi’s strong brand equity has been growing year after year, as evidenced by our growing “Nuhdeek” membership base.
    • Nahdi’s high quality and competitively priced Private Label & Direct Import products contributed around 13% of revenue and exceeded SAR 1.1 billion sales as of Dec 2023
  • State-of-the-art


    distribution and supply chain capabilities

    Unmatched supply chain capabilities, comprehensively serving all healthcare needs across the GCC.

    • Advanced supply chain capabilities with coverage across the KSA, UAE and other GCC countries.
    • Early 2022, Nahdi has launched its Semi-Automated State-of-the-art distribution center “IMDAD”.
    • A total of 3 distribution centers that deliver more than 212 million units to meet the Guests health needs.
  • seamless omnichannel experience

    Seamless omnichannel experience

    underpinned by best-in-class digital and online offerings

    Best-in-class digital and online offerings, delivering a seamless omnichannel experience to our Guests.

    • The pharmacy presence has evolved from convenience to experience by optimizing the store mix and investing heavily in our IT infrastructure to best serve our Guests.
    • Nahdi’s digital platform, include bold innovations and creative solutions, for Guests to benefit from a unique experience across all touch points of sale.
    • Nahdi successfully transitioned from omni-channel sales into the more Guest-focused omni-channel ecosystem.
    • Unmatched digital service offerings: Curbside pickup, Drive-through service, home delivery, e-pharmacist, Medication adherence, Scan&Go.
    • More value for Guests via Nahdi’s well established loyalty program Nuhdeek.
    • User friendly app and website.
    • Nahdi Online and Nahdi Global, transactions increased by 26% and revenue reached to 16% of total revenues in 2023.
  • Integrated-healthcare

    Integrated healthcare services

    delivered through a comprehensive proprietary omnihealth platform
    • Nahdi seamlessly integrated its omni-channel experience with its healthcare services, creating a unique ecosystem “omni-health gateway” that meets the healthcare needs of our Guests. This is a model is yet evolving globally and Nahdi is considered a leading company in the segment.
    • Nahdi is expanding health services through polyclinics, virtual consultations and home healthcare.
    • Moreover, the Company offers the Guests online services that allow them to access expert care and advice virtually and at their convenience. In 2023, the total number of virtual medical consultations have reached 564,847 from 276,000 by end of last year.
    • Guests have further access to:
      • Appointments scheduling via Nahdi app;
      • Virtual medical consultations;
      • Physical medical consultations at an Express Clinic or polyclinic;
      • Their health records and prescriptions;
      • Treatments and claims handling;
      • Monitor medical adherence for higher efficiency of treatment.
    • Nahdi built a strategic partnership with world-class medical providers to enhance the Guest experience and be the most trusted health and wellbeing partner.
  • robust business

    Robust business

    and financial profile

    For our latest performance information, visit the Reports and Results.

Nahdi in numbers

Nahdi in numbers




pharmacies in the region including UAE


smart distribution centers


market share value in private retail pharmacy sector


of Saudi population reached


Guests transactions annually


of sales are contributed by Nuhdeek members (2023)


medical virtual consultations across the Kingdom (2023)


“By leveraging its full arsenal of innovative solutions , Nahdi seeks to educate, empower and enrich communities by ensuring greater access to healthcare and health education..

Yasser Ghulam Abdulaziz Joharji – Chief Executive Officer