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Frequently Asked Questions




  • What is Nahdi’s dividend policy?

    For information on dividends, please visit the corresponding section on the investor relations website

  • What months are dividends typically paid in?
    • Dividend announcements are made after the Board of Directors’ resolution to distribute dividends. The Board of Directors’ resolution will also determine the dividends’ entitlement date, which would be disclosed in Nahdi’s announcement of the distribution of dividends.
    • Dividends are to be paid within 15 business days of the announced entitlement date.
  • Am I eligible to receive the dividends?
    • Before announcing each dividend on the Saudi Exchange, we set a date on which our shares will be sold without entitlement to the dividend. This is known as the ‘ex-dividend’ date.
    • If you buy shares before the ex-dividend date you are entitled to receive the dividend recently announced.
    • The dividend is paid to shareholders based on the number of shares registered in the Depository Center (Edaa) at the deadline known as the ‘record date’.
  • Where will the dividend be deposited?

    Dividends will be deposited into the most recent portfolio account associated with Nahdi shares, as obtained from Tadawul database.

  • What should I do if I have not received my dividend?
    • Kindly perform the below steps to ensure that you receive your dividend:
      • Always link your trading account with a bank account. This can be done either online, or by visiting a branch of your brokerage firm. Unlinked accounts usually face delays in receipt of the dividend.
      • Check your bank statement as well as your portfolio statement to confirm you have not received your dividend.
      • Contact your brokerage firm all shareholder dividends are deposited to them by Nahdi.
    • For any other queries, please contact our Investor Relations team at [email protected]